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full power of strategy.

Exousia is a Venture Strategy Firm, partnering with our clients to deliver actionable strategies with real, and lasting, impact

Unlock the success-potential of your business

There are unavoidable complexities in every venture. Exousia offers a strong strategic approach to ensure your venture is truly enabled to operate at its potential. Our approach is tailored to your stage of business ownership - both the stage you are in now, and the stage you aspire to.


our 7 stage strategy model


Dream Stage


Innovation Stage


Breakeven Stage


Steady Stage


Success Stage


Significance Stage


Succession Stage


Strategy involves decisions that impact on the structure, stages and performance of the venture. Through a unique process of personal partnership, a Venture Strategist will guide you to a position of deep clarity and lay a path from vision to fulfilment.


Business Growth & Maturity Strategy

Due Diligence

Acquisition Strategy

Finance Strategy


Innovation Strategy

Exit Strategy

Strategic Planning

Investor Ready

We give you The Power To Act.

Led by director and primary advisor, Grant Raynor, our team has over 25 years of expertise. From our own entrepreneurial ventures and experience with a number of clients at board level, we develop and implement the right strategies to uncover opportunities, tackle challenges and create value.

Frank Visser
Key Industries

I have worked with Grant for a few years during which he was a consultant to my business. As a result of his input along with other members of his team we have made some strategic decisions that have resulted in significant changes to our Company. Grant was instrumental in helping me make these decisions and talking through the implications of change (and also of NOT doing anything). He takes a great lead in mentoring and is not afraid to ask the hard questions without deviating from his encouragement of better management practices. He has been a great change catalyst for my business.

Yvonne McLaren
BlueMount Capital

I have worked with Grant both in his role in MGI and in Exousia he has done a number of excellent valuations for my clients and at a very reasonable rate. I enjoy working with Grant because he is intuitive and extremely professional. Clients enjoy his friendly and approachable manner. He creates valuation models that are totally applicable for angel investment and early stage VC a very difficult area to work in. I could not recommend anyone more to work on a team to create a deal you always know that he will deliver on time and on budget something every company appreciates.

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