Strategy Day

SME’s don’t starve, but drown.

How will you convert your focus into the results you’re after?

It’s well known that SME’s don’t die of starvation, but drown in opportunities. So, how will you;

  • ‘filter’ those opportunities to the ones strategically suited to your business right now, and
  • Ensure you achieve your goals for 2022?

If there was ever a time to get the conversion of those opportunities into growth its now – 2022.
Don’t leave it to chance – be intentional.

To kick-off 2022 with purpose and intention and create the laser focus that your goals need in 2022, register below.

THIS YEAR, we’ll go beyond strategy to add the key to implementation to remove the Execution Gap…

You also get the breakthrough insight on:

  • engaging the principles of Scale,
  • unlock the next maturity stage of your business,
  • defining success for you.

Thursday 17th February 2022 (9am – 4pm)

Eden Park

Clarity on what you ‘going after’ in 2022.
Strategies to bridge the gap between expectation and reality
A Strategic Plan for your execution.

$395 (standard).
Group/Team pricing available on registration.

Note: capacity is limited to 25, so register now to secure your place

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    Suite 2 Steelworks Building
    13 Coles Avenue
    Mt Eden
    Auckland 1024

    PO Box 56 210,
    Dominion Road,
    Auckland 1446


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